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The Path of the Future
Creator Camp Summer 2017
Ignite Your Child's Passion for Discovery For Ages 7 – 14
Three Exciting, High Value Tracks
App Development
Web Design and Development
Design and Digital Storytelling
May 29th — August 11th // 9am to 5pm
Jacksonville, FL » Riverside Area

Creator camp is a unique combination of sophisticated technology, academically-beneficial learning, and fun-filled activities. We cultivate and nurture creativity in a project based environment while incorporating STEAM concepts throughout the week.

Our 1:8 Teacher:Student Ratio
1 : 8
Teacher : Student Ratio
Weekly Class Schedule
High-Potential Kids turn into High Value Adults with Outstanding Kids' programs
Outstanding Kids nurtures the well-being of high-potential children in Jacksonville, Florida
Weekly Enrichment
One-on-One In-Home Personalized Tutoring For Ages 5 – 18
Two Primary Focuses
Classical Music
Technology Skills
Year-Round // 2pm to 8pm
Jacksonville, FL » In-Your-Home

We help enhance executive functioning and cognitive development through a Montessori-inspired method involving weekly music and tech lessons. We believe knowledge of each topic is essential; we use these as tools to foster connections across many disciplines and instill life skills.

60 Minute
Session Duration
Personalized Curriculum
Grows With Your Child